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"Survival for the fittest”
It is the common rule in the business arena. We are human, brought up with limitations. Sometime a little folly may affect your career to redundancy. What is more painful than joblessness. A smooth life suffers a lot in some cases. But you are not alone on the list. What do others think of that sort of odd situation?
Here is beside you to build a network. Talent Torrent offers a sophisticated way of building networks among expert professionals across the globe. To learn more visit our site at

Posted By: Admin Dec 23, 2019

To make customer support smoother and easier, TELEAUS is introducing a new customer support system “Alisa”. It's a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It'll Interact with the user/customer and answers their queries on a regular chat interface. It would be able to answer all general questions of our customers/users, without the need of any human involvement. We believe that it'll be a regular support team member, not as an actual Human, but as an Artificial Intelligence.

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Talent Torrent is a business of TELEAUS is a leading information and communications solutions and service provider specializing in creating innovative platforms for Jobs, Experts, Hiring, Training, and Professional Networking. Our vision is to bring all IT and Telecom experts under one umbrella globally. This will assist expert networking, learning and earning. Recruiters can hire any expert directly and cost-effectively. We will start the market from Australia and gradually spread globally focusing Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Singapore market as a priority.

So, what we’re offering to you-

If you want to hire

Traditional recruiting agencies are charging a lot and have a lengthy process. On Talent Torrent, you will find a range of top skilled resources across the world. It is simple: just post a job as you need.

If you want to work

This is a simple business platform for recruiters and experts where they can perform networking, training and create opportunities in the ICT field globally. On Talent Torrent, you will find various types of ICT related to jobs, based on your availability and suitability. You need to create your professional profile by signup your account. Keep it simple and reliable.

Training Program

In Talent Torrent, you will find a range of on-site and online training programs on IT and Telecommunication sectors. There is always a gap between present requirements and skilled persons, globally. All the training programs are designed to develop skills to narrow this gap locally and internationally.

Work or hire, we’ll always provide you the best of your desire. So we’ll suggest you try our global platform to show your astonishing talent or hire the finest personnel.